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To celebrate their 80th year, Danish company LEGO have created a short animated film which takes a look at their rich history, touching on everything from their iconic name came to the evolution of their colourful building pieces. Founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen and his son Godtfred back in 1932, the whimsical company have formed an intrinsic part of many peoples’ childhoods all over the world and will hopefully continue for many more years. Happy birthday LEGO! Watch the film above.


Your Facebook is False (with Rainn Wilson)


Transparent ball and cup trick.

This is pretty amazing. 

ok, so if you have a spare 13 minutes in your day I seriously suggest you watch this.It is a piece from TED Talks about the integration of technology into everyday life. To say this clip is 3 years old there are some astonishing, not to mention awesome, uses for technological integration. In the wider market in the last three years we have already seen phenomenal advances such as 3d tv, wireless electicity (about 8min in), crazy projection abilities, Star Wars-esque holograms and visual interaction tools such as Microsoft Kinect. 

The video shows how Harry Potter style newspaper articles can become a reality, how the need for watched becomes obsolete, how remembering people’s information becomes easier (if not slightly insulting), how carrying a digital camera could be a thing of the past, and your mobile phone? nope, you can get rid of that too. 

I would love to see this be developed further. Such a wonderful insight into future technology.

BBC 'Stadium UK' - Full Version from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

In celebration of London 2012 Passion Pictures is pleased to release the full length version of Pete Candeland's majestic trailer for the BBC's Olympic coverage 'Stadium UK'!


BBC ‘Stadium UK’ - Full Version Olympics by  


Fantastic Animation!

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MiniLook Kiev (by threeshot)

Gorgeous tilt-shift, time-lapse video.

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A wonderful little video, if you have the time, I suggest you watch it :)

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An incredible look at the animatronics of the T-Rex from Jurassic Park! a whole host of videos can be found here